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Methow At Home 
Our mission is to support our members who want to age in place.
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Methow At Home is hiring an Executive Director!

Methow At Home seeks an Executive Director with a strong sense of community to lead the organization as it continues to support our members who wish to age in place. The successful candidate will bring an open and inclusive approach, strong leadership in maintaining focus on strategic priorities and experience in best practices of small non-profit organizations. Click: ED Job Posting

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Survey Response - Preamble

Methow At Home is a non-profit organization in the Methow Valley with the mission to support our members who want to age in place. Over the past few months we have been exploring what is available and what is missing that will enable people to continue living in the valley as they age.

We believe the availability of caregivers is crucial to aging in place, and as we continue our exploration, we are seeking input from people who have been working as a caregiver in the valley.   

We have identified the following assumptions, and would like to know your thoughts. What are we missing? Are any of these assumptions incorrect?  

Seniors and others with special needs:

  • Have no clearly defined 'go to' place, or central resource in the Methow Valley to ask questions and learn about care options.

  • Can be challenged in finding a caregiver to hire and could benefit from information on connecting with vetted caregivers.


  • Have no clearly defined 'go to' place, or central resource that connects caregivers to clients.

  • Could benefit from easily connecting with people looking for a caregiver to hire.

  • There are a limited number of available caregivers to meet the needs of those currently looking for care.  (This includes keeping Jamie's Place adequately staffed)

  • The need for caregivers will continue to grow as our valley population ages and retirees move to the valley.

  • A 'go to' place, or central resource for persons interested in exploring becoming a caregiver is not currently available.

  • Affordable, meaningful, local education/training and required continuing education is challenging to find.

  • Caregiving can be challenging and isolating.  Consistent avenues for problem solving and support are not readily available.

We would like to hear from as many valley caregivers as possible as we continue to work towards a plan to address the valley's needs.  Please share your thoughts with us on the above assumptions, including what we are missing, and complete and return our questionnaire by November 16, 2018.

With Gratitude,

Methow At Home Board