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Methow At Home 
Our mission is to support our members who want to age in place.
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Seattle's Experience with a Village similar to Methow At Home: It Takes a Village to Disrupt Aging, Published by Kavan Peterson, Editor, on May 1, 2015 
For an overview of the virtual village history, concept and implementation watch the following TED talk:  It Takes Villages: Judy Willett at TEDxBoston
Methow At Home survey gauges interest in a 'virtual retirement village' by Laurelle Walsh, Methow Valley News, January 15, 2015.
Retirees Turn to Virtual Village for Mutual Support The New York Times, November 28, 2014 -"virtual villages can be tweaked to fit any environment."

Brian Williams of NBC nightly news talks about the virtual village concept with his in-laws. 
It Takes a Village: Seniors Thrive While Living at Home. 

If you would like to read an article about the impact a village can have in the lives of older adults. 
The Impact of the ''Village'' Model on Health, Well-Being, Service Access, and Social Engagement of Older Adults 

Forbes magazine lists joining a village as #1 of the top 50 tips for successful aging. Read the article:  
Welcome To Age 50: Top Caregiving Tips 
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